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Dear MOSES users,     


The Windows version of MOSES is now ready to distribute. It is here:  


Inside, there are five folders and their names tell you what they are.

In the "MOSES applications for Windows" folder, you will find the Windows

stand-alone executable, MOSES4W.exe. You can find the parameter list in the ReadMe

file in the same folder. You can place the application program anywhere. You can also

place the input file folder anywhere, not necessary in the same folder as MOSES4W

executable modules. No installation of the program is necessary.


The recommended use may be as follows:    


 1. Place the MOSES4W application folder in the Program Files folder.   

2. Then, create the short-cut of the MOSES4W executable module on the desktop.  

3. Place the input file folder anywhere.  

4. To run MOSES4W, you just drag and drop the input file (such as sample1.dat) on top

of the MOSES4W short-cut, and then the DOS window appears, saying that MOSES is now running.  

5. When the computation ends, you will find the output files in the same folder as the input file.


Very simple, is it not?      You should better assign Notepad or Wordpad programs to open these files.

The alternative way is to double click the MOSES4W application, and the DOS window appears,

asking the name of the input file. If the input file is located in the same folder as the MOSES4W

 executable module, you just type its name such as sample1.dat. If not, you have to give the full path-name

(for example, C:¥Input_files¥sample1.dat). The recommended way looks more convenient to me.     


I enclose the TopDrawer program for Windows. You just drag and drop a TopDrawer file on it,

and then all figures pop up. If you want to convert them to postscript files, just right click the figure

and choose PostScript option. You should better install Ghostscript and Ghostview programs from here

to view and print postscript files:  


If you need to compile the MOSES4W source code using the Compaq Visual Fortran, you need to add

/fpscomp:filesfromcmd option in the compiler so that the command-line DOS window appear to ask

you the input file name at run time.  The MOSES4W source code for Windows is a stand-alone version,

and there is no need to link with other subroutines.   


The Windows version of MOSES is very fast, and together with TopDrawer for Windows, you can

do all necessary jobs only on Windows.


This information and the MOSES programs are free to distribute. If you find someone who want use it,

just tell him the above URL to download the package.


If he needs more general MOSES, for example, for UNIX, use this URL:  


The MOSES_f folder contains all MOSES information.

The complete manual for MOSES version 4.0 will come out sometime soon.  


Best wishes,

Yong Ho Chin


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